Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bill & Ted a co-operative game?

Yes, although players have their own objectives to complete, all players work together to beat the game.

What is the difference between the booth and my character?

From a gameplay point of view there is none, your character is in the booth.

Do I get both rewards on the card during the set up?

No, just the action on the bottom of the card. You only get to perform the top action (once) when you complete an objective.

When I complete my objective how often and when can I use each action?

The top action is taken once at the time of completing the objective, the bottom action can be used once during the action phase of your subsequent turns.

Can I carry more than one Personage of Historical Significance?

Yes, there is no limit to how many you can carry and there are some objectives that require you to carry more than one.

When setting up the game, if too many Personage of Historical Significance are in their correct location, at what point would you reshuffle?

It's highly unlikely more than one or two would be on their correct locations, however if more than 3 are on their correct location we would advise you shuffle all Personage of Historical Significance cards and deal them out again.

Can you fix a rift before the correct Personage of Historical Significance is on the location?

No, nice try!

What is the triumphant dice symbol on a Personage of Historical Significance / Location card?

After an Historic Location has been fully fixed, the Active Player takes the corresponding Personage/Location card and places it under their Character card with the Personage of Historical Significance showing. From their following turn, that player will have access to a Triumphant Die for each Rift they have fixed, still abiding by the four dice limit.

Where does my completed objective card go? Does it replace the reward gained at the start of the game?

No, you slide the completed objective card under your starting reward so you can see both, and gain both bottom actions from then on.

My rift card has 3 actions, one of them is to carry out an action if the location is red, the other is performed if the location is fixed, can I use both?

It's not possible to use both in a single term, a location cant be both fixed and red, you would pick the action that is currently suitable.

On the objective card where you need to complete 3 rounds without using reroll or booth action, do the rounds need to be completed in a row?

No, you just need to have performed the objective over 3 rounds, they don't need to be consecutive.

To complete the “lower the rift” at any location with another player present, do we both need to be on the same space?

Yes, you can only lower the rift on a space you are on, and in this case you need another player on the same space.

The objective where you need to take a Personage of Historical Significance to specific historical locations, do these need to be done in sequence and on consecutive turns?

In order yes, but the turns do NOT need to be consecutive.