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Greetings, my excellent friends!

The year is 2506 and something most unprecedented is happening to history... all throughout time, Personages of Historical Significance have been showing up in the wrong points of time! This is having egregious reverberations and is causing time rifts to materialise, threatening to disrupt the harmonic fabric of our reality!

The Wyld Stallyns have put their latest tour on hold and are trying to locate all the misplaced Personages, returning them to their correct points in time and closing the rifts. At the centre of the disruption is the most heinous time fracture of all, located in San Dimas. If all of the rifts are not closed in time, then reality will fracture and the world will be destroyed... bogus!

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The Rufus' Remix Expansion adds Rufus as a playable character, allowing you to make your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time a 5 player game. The box also includes full plastic miniatures for the Personages of Historical Significance. These replace the card versions in the original game box and add a new dimension to your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time.


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey