How To Play!

After reading our How To Play introduction, download the full rules below to get started!

Choose your favourite character to play. Bill, Ted, Elizabeth or Joanna. The aim of the game is to move around the board, collecting Personages of Historical Significance who have become lost at the wrong points in history and putting them back in the right places. If you can do that before the rift in San Dimas gets out of control then you win the game!

Each turn starts with a player drawing a Riff card from the top of the deck and then reading its instructions aloud

Every Riff card has instructions that must be completed. Remember to check if any of the extra sections of the card need to be completed too

Each turn you can choose up to four dice from any that are available to your character. Remember Bogus dice must always be included in your dice pool

Not happy with your first dice roll? Players can “Use the Booth” to travel back in time and reroll all of their dice once each turn. Single reroll actions can be used here too

After rolling, players must raise the rift once in their character’s location for each Bogus action still showing on your dice. No Way!

Now the player can perform any other actions they have rolled either by moving, fixing rifts or collecting / depositing Personages of Historical Significance. Once a player has no more actions left to take (or they wish to stop) player passes to the next player clockwise

After each player has had a turn, the round ends by raising the rift in San Dimas once. If the rift gets too high, it’s game over!


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey