Bill and Ted's Riff in Time!

Rufus' Remix

Rufus Remix Box Contents

The Rufus' Remix Expansion adds Rufus as a playable character, allowing you to make your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time a 5 player game. The box also includes full plastic miniatures for the Personages of Historical Significance. These replace the card versions in the original game box and add a new dimension to your games of Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time.

What's In The Box

1x Rufus

1x Character/Player Board

1x Ludwig Von Beethoven

1x Abraham Lincoln

1x Sigmund Freud

1x Napoleon Bonaparte

1x Joan Of Arc

1x Charlemagne

1x Genghis Khan

1x Socrates

1x Babe Ruth

1x Billy The Kid